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Transformed From the Inside Out

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Not all transformations are physical. The best ones happen on the inside.

And the changes that improve quality of life are the ones that, for me, hold the most value. I look at that picture on the left — always exhausted, not always present, overworking and oversleeping, stressed and unhealthy — and I’m reminded that’s what coaching helped me transition out of. That’s why almost 3 years later I still show up and it’s my reminder not to ever go back to that.

Side note: and so sad to admit, that photo on the left was taken during a trip to Universal when my kids were younger and I don’t really remember any of it. All I recall was taking the trip stressed, over only a day and a half because I never properly took time off from work. I wish I could go back to share the excitement with my kids I know I missed that day.

When I began coaching I had all the fears in the world and overthought all the things. I was searching for something that would transform the way I sustainably approached fitness and nutrition. But I was fearful of failing, of not being good at it, of being judged.

Despite those fears, I eased into it because I knew something had to change if I wanted to live differently. And little by little people started to tell me they were motivated by just watching me. I cannot begin to describe what an amazing feeling that is!

When fear tries to creep back in, because it always does and always will… I go back to basics that got me started. I go back to the number one job I have as a coach, and that’s to put my wellness first.

Now, I get to help others design a lifestyle that will not only make a positive impact in their own life but that will also set a good example for those around them.

I couldn’t imagine not doing what I do and for that I’m forever grateful to the coaches that mentor me and I get to call colleagues and friends.

My advice to you is simple: when an opportunity to learn from others presents itself and has the potential to change your life, go all in. Don’t wait for the perfect time (that doesn’t exist.) Don’t fear you’re not ready (no one ever is). We learn with one small step at a time and through imperfect action.

Go for it.

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